Antibacterial 3-Layer Mask Dimensions: length 17.5cm, width 9.5cm (+/0.5mm)

  • Black  non-woven fabric, quantitative 30g/m
  • 01 SMS filter cloth layer quantitative 25g/m
  • 01 antibacterial paper layer quantitative 25g/m
  • 01 white non-woven fabric layer quantitative 25g/m
  • Rubber band, plastic brace
  • S63-ROYAL VIETNAM brand logo is printed on the outer surface of mask


Quantity: 2000 pcs per Case

Origin of Raw Materials

Non-woven: Made in Vietnam

SMS fabric: Made in Vietnam

Antibacterial paper: Made in Korea

Rubber band, plastic brace: Made in Vietnam


Certification of Product Standards

ISO 9001, ISO 13485, CE, FDA